Ruth Goldstein

Savonarola appalled Leonardo da Vinci when he said It was pointless doing meticulous research into landscapes as you could paint a landscape by throwing a paint-soaked sponge at the panel" Certainly a misguided opinion but he also said "Every painter 's work bears the stamp of his thoughts."

Hopefully my painting allows you a glimpse into my mind.

My degree from the University of Kentucky is in Pharmacy but for many years, every July, l studied classical painting with Frank Covino. I have also studied with John Regis Tuska, Anthony Ryder and currently am gaining insight into impressionistic use of color with John Michael Carter.

My primary influence is William Bougereau. Additionally, I would include Rembrandt and Vermeer.

I am a studio artist but have been privileged to travel to France for three plein air experiences. Following one of these, I participated in a Paris gallery show on Place du Tertre.