n d hazlett with David Rodger

The way I figure it, being an artist is a way of experiencing, then creating, then sharing. As a costume designer in New York for several years and later as graphic artist and co-owner of a publishing company, I shared my artistic vision as scenery on the stage, as costumes on screens of different sizes, as arranged images on the printed page, and as bold fonts that title books. Outside my professional life I have shared my creativity as moments caught with pastels and paint under glass in a grouping on many walls. All have brought me pleasure as I try to let others see what I see — allowing them to feel just a bit of what I feel.

Creating my art is another way for me to experience things, whether that is a person, an idea, a place or sometimes just the smallest of small things. At different points in my creative life I thought that there were rules or artistic expectations that I had to abide by. But now… now I am moving on. So what you see in my work is me, the artist, transforming a vision into an expression.

n d hazlett